Registered Charity #275
Mobile 426400
Formerly the Isle of Man Alcohol Advisory Service
40 years of service to the Manx community


Telephone 622011 or Text 498985

GamCare Isle of Man is a free and confidential service offering information and practical help by phone or via face to face counselling. We aim to help you explore and consider situations relevant to your gambling in a safe environment over a period of time. We are an affiliated partner of GamCare UK.

You can talk to a support worker or make an appointment by phoning 622011 or e mailing

How do I know if I have a gambling problem?

If you have concerns that your gambling may be getting out of control, you can take our self-assessment questionnaire which will be able to help you identify if gambling is causing any negative consequences in your life.

What is problem gambling?

This list below provides ‘warning signs’ that yours, or someone else’s, gambling could be getting out of control:

Do you offer support for people worried about someone else’s gambling?

Yes. GamCare Isle of Man also provides support for anyone concerned about someone else’s gambling and we can offer practical support with how to address the situation and these concerns.

Gambling, and the loss of trust it often brings, can put an enormous strain on any relationship. Many people find themselves unable to explain why someone close to them continues to gamble despite the problems it causes them and those around them. Talking to a GamCare counsellor can help to not only understand gambling but to receive support for yourself, allowing you to express the concerns that you have.

Do I have to stop gambling if I come and see someone?

No, we provide individual support based on you setting your own goals, whether that is to stop, cut down or control your gambling.

Does it matter what type of gambling I do?

No, we see people who gamble in many different ways and to varying levels.

Do you see people under the age of 18?

Yes. We see people of all ages if they are worried about their own, or someone else’s gambling, or if they want further information regarding problem gambling.