Registered Charity #275
Mobile 426400
Formerly the Isle of Man Alcohol Advisory Service
40 years of service to the Manx community


On these pages we will talk about support for family members/significant others who are affected by someone else’s alcohol use, drug use or gambling. Each of these can cause a range of specific difficulties and problems for family members/significant others.

It can be hard to admit that one of our family may have a problem. What does it look like? Why does it happen? Am I overreacting? Hopefully this page will help with any questions you may have.

A person does not have to be drinking all day or every day to have a drink problem, so it can be very difficult to tell when a persons normal social drinking progresses into a problem drinking. The same applies to drug use and gambling. Think about the person you are worried about; are you able to answer yes to any of the following questions?

Remember even occasional drunkenness and/or episodes of binge drinking, recreational drug use and gambling episodes can cause a range of problems for the family/significant others
It can very distressing for family members who, try as they might to get the person to stop or cut down the behaviour and find they’re unable to affect change and feel helpless and alone in such a situation.

You may not want or need counselling but just want to talk to someone about what you’re going through, please feel free to contact us or arrange to pop in for a chat over a cup of coffee.

Check out our range of leaflets in our downloads section as we will be uploading all of them as this site develops.