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Alcohol has a bigger effect on young people because of your size, age and maturity.
Smaller amounts of alcohol will therefore lead to bigger consequences

Drinking lots of alcohol at once can lead to all sorts of situations that can cause problems. Some problems experienced by young people on the Isle of Man are:

Some of these things may have happened to you. You don’t need to be “addicted” to alcohol for it to cause you difficulties.

If you think you may have problems due to your drinking contact the AAS 12-21 for further information or to arrange to speak in confidence with a young person’s alcohol worker call 01624 627656 or text 07624 414240

It is very hard to admit that your Mum or Dad drink too much, not only to ourselves but to anyone else.

The fear of what others think or say, whether you will be taken in to care, cause trouble, or worse, that no one will believe you, all add to the loneliness and isolation of feeling trapped in a world that no one else could understand.





The hardest things to do is probably what you are doing now. Pretending life’s normal, pretending you’re ok and pretending that you can cope. This takes a lot of time, energy and effort and wears you out. Below is a list of Do’s and Dont’s.
DO Try and talk about it. When you are isolated you have no one to ask if your feelings are normal. Is the behaviour you are seeing normal, are you going mad? There are people out there who you CAN talk to. People who KNOW what it can be like. Even if it’s just questions you need answering that can’t be covered on this website. They’re not going to tell anyone you called, you don’t even have to see them if you don’t want; you can contact us. When we set up this site, it was with the knowledge that we know how difficult it is to say out loud what you’re feeling, what it’s like at home, so you can email us anytime. You will always get an answer.
DO Try and get out with your friends, play sports, maybe join a club or get a hobby.
DO Write things down. If you find it’s too difficult to talk to someone just yet, write your thoughts down in a diary, you’d be surprised how much weight lifts off your mind.
DO Stay Safe. Avoid getting in the middle of any rows. If you are in danger get out or phone the police.
DO Find out as much as you can about alcohol. This will help you understand why your parent behaves the way they do when they’ve been drinking.

DON’T Hide or pour drink away. If you’ve already tried it you’ll already know it doesn’t make any difference.
DON’T Get in the car if the driver is intoxicated. There’s no law in the world that would make you.
DON’T Start drinking or taking drugs to help you cope because they won’t. You’ll wind up with more problems than you started with.
DON’T Blame yourself – ever! You didn’t cause the drink problem.
DON’T Cover up or make excuses for the drinker.

These are only a small number of tips to help.

If you feel you want to talk or want information or just ask a question please call 627656; or 414240